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Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t.

Available Saturday, Sunday and select holidays from 11am to 3 pm



American* [GF/DF]

Two eggs your style, Applewood-smoked bacon home-fried potatoes – 11

Traditional Irish Breakfast*

Two eggs, Irish sausage, black and white pudding, house-cured rashers, grilled tomato, baked beans, home-fried potatoes Irish soda bread - 17
Available Weekdays Until 3 pm

Lunch Trio

Lunch Trio

Chips or Crisps – 3 $

Chips(fries) Sweet Potato Fries Curried Chips Crisps (chips)

Soup or Salad – 4 $

Celtic Clam Chowder Public House Salad Caesar Salad “Almost” Wedge Salad Cole Slaw

Half a Sandwich – 7 $

Classic Reuben Roast Beef Dip Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Blackened Chicken Crispy Fried Cod (2 pcs)
Taste The Best

From The Garden

Salads Small Bites

Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic, rasher and smoked bacon jam, white wine bloomed golden raisins, toasted hazelnuts, pecorino cheese - 8

Oven-Crisped Broccoli

Tossed in extra virgin olive oil and blasted in the oven until lightly crisped; topped with lemon crème fraiche and crispy capers – 7

Mediterranean Trio

Hummus, peperonata, tyrosalata, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, imported feta, toasted pita points - 9

Blackened Steak*

Grilled rib-eye steak, bibb lettuce, romaine hearts, radicchio, arugula, grilled tomato wedges, smoky bleu crumbles, candied pecans, Irish bacon, crispy onion strings, shallot vinaigrette – 17

Smoked Cobb*

Chopped romaine and watercress tossed in shallot vinaigrette and topped with grape tomatoes, avocado, black olives, smoked bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, smoked chicken, and a scotch egg – 16

Slivered Pear & Goat Cheese

Fried goat cheese fritters, mixed greens, slivered Bartlett pears, curried cashews, fennel, pear vinaigrette - 14

Caesar *

Crisp hearts of romaine lettuce, house-made Caesar dressing, garlic herbed croutons, fresh shredded pecorino cheese (Anchovies available upon request) – small 7.5 / large 13

{Almost} Wedge [VO, GF]

Bibb lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion. – small 7 / large 12
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

From The Kettle

From The Kettle

Guinness Lamb Stew $

Slow-cooked leg of lamb, carrots, celery, sweet onions, new potatoes in a rich Guinness rosemary gravy, served with Irish soda bread Cup - 8 or Bowl - 13.5

Celtic Clam Chowder $

Pacific clams, bacon, red potatoes, onions, celery, fresh herbs, and cream. Served with a slice of Irish Soda bread ..............Cup - 6 or Bowl - 11
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Of The Sea

Of The Sea

Basket of Halibut & Chips

Crispy-fried wild-caught Alaskan halibut, chips, coleslaw, tartar sauce - 21

Basket of Cod & Chips

Crispy fried wild-caught Alaskan cod, chips, coleslaw, tartar sauce – 15.5

Dublin Prawns

Fresh shrimp lightly dredged in flour and Parmesan cheese, pan-fried, served in garlic confit and Harp lager creme; served with a buttered and grilled baguette- 14
Gluten-free bun available. Make burger patty an Impossible © Burger for $1.

Meat & Bread

Meat & Bread Irish Tacos

Gingered Steak $

Gingered ribeye beef, arugula, pickled red onions, pomegranate aioli

Curried Chicken $

Smoked Curry Chicken, peperonata, tyrosalata, curried yogurt sauce

Corned Beef $

Shredded corned beef, purple cabbage slaw, swiss cheese, Guinness mustard

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese $

White cheddar, Swiss, and Havarti cheeses on Goldendale whole wheat with green goddess spread, avocado, and arugula – 12.5

Wilde Burger* $

1⁄2 pound WA State fresh patty, house-made rashers, Jameson Irish whiskey BBQ sauce, Dubliner cheddar, crispy-onion strings lettuce, pickle, tomato, garlic aioli brushed brioche bun, hand-cut fries – 15.5

Lamb Burger* $

House-ground leg of lamb, caramelized onions, Rogue Creamery smoky bleu, garlic aioli, brioche bun, butter lettuce, tomato, hand-cut fries - 15

Classic Reuben $

Thinly sliced corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, Jarlsberg Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, cara-way-rye, hand cut fries - 14

Dubliner Pulled Pork $

beer-braised pork shoulder, Dubliner cheddar cheese, Guinness mustard, topped with arugula and crispy onion strings on a rustic baguette, served with hand-cut fries – 14

Roasted Beef Dip $

Slow roasted and shaved tri-tip, Havarti cheese, and caramelized onions on a horseradish aioli brushed baguette, served with roast beef jus, and hand-cut fries - 16

Blackened Chicken $

Herb-marinated and blackened chicken breast with Rogue Creamery Smokey bleu cheese, garlic aioli, and LTO - 13

Of The Land

Of The Land

Traditional Irish Breakfast* $

Two eggs, Irish sausage, black and white pudding, house-cured rashers, grilled tomato, baked beans, home-fried potatoes, Irish soda bread - 17

Skillet Mac & Cheese [VO] $

Choice of beer-braised pulled pork OR alder-wood smoked chicken, atop macaroni pasta, three cheese sauce and buttery herbed bread crumbs – 16

Rib-Eye Steak* GF $

12-oz rib eye steak grilled to your liking, topped with rose- mary and red-wine demi; served with champ – 21

Corned Beef And Cabbage [GF] $

Braised corned-beef brisket, steamed cabbage and carrots, champ, stone-ground mustard cream - 17

Shepherd’s Pie [GF] $

Slow cooked lamb roast, cara-melized onions, sautéed root vegetables, English peas topped with champ and Dubliner sharp cheddar; served with Irish soda bread - 16

Bangers & Mash $

Traditional Irish sausages, champ, cabbage, caramelized onion gravy - 13

Turkey Pot Pie [VO] $

Oven-roasted turkey breast, house-forged dough, vegetable cream sauce, carrots, celery, onions, peas, kennebec potato - 15

Scottish Egg* $

A soft boiled and runny egg en- cased in pork sausage and black pudding, served atop citrus vinaigrette dressed arugula – 7

Reuben Tots $

Corned beef, Jarlsberg Swiss cheese, sauerkraut in a rye bread crumb crust, served atop Russian dressing - 11

Crispy Jumbo Wings $

Choice of Jameson Irish whiskey BBQ sauce OR Buffalo sauce OR Dry-Rubbed Garlic-Chipotle. Served with carrots and celery; choice of bleu cheese, ranch or lime-cilantro dressing – 11

Potato Bounty

Potato Bounty

Loaded Potato Skins $

Crispy fried potato skins, minced Irish bacon, cheddar, scallions, topped with horseradish sour cream - 9

Champ [V/GF] $

Creamy mashed potatoes topped with scallions – 6.5

Sweet Potato Fries [V] [GF] $

Hand-cut sweet potato fries served with basil aioli – small 5 / Basket 7

Irish Poutine $

Chips (fries) topped with brown gravy, fresh cheese curds, bacon and scallions – 11

Crisps [V/DF] $

Hand-cut and fried potato chips – small 4 / basket 6

Curried Chips [V] $

Hand-cut fries tossed with curry spices, served with side of curry sauce – small 4.5 / basket 7

Chips [V/DF] $

Hand-cut Kennebec potatoes served with curry ketchup and tartar sauce – small 4 / basket 6

Pub Bowls

Pub Bowls

Traveler [VO] $

Leg of lamb, curry cauliflower, farro, spaghetti squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, peperonata, curried yogurt sauce – 15.5
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Dessert - Sweets

Sweets Sweet Drinks

Hot Buttered Rum [V]

Kraken rum and house-made rum batter - 9

Peppermint Paddy[V]

Kahlua, Rumpleminz, Stoli Vanil, hot chocolate and fresh whipped cream - 8

Irish Coffee [V]

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Stumptown coffee, fresh whipped cream - 8

Triple Chocolate Whiskey Cake [V]

Jameson spiked chocolate cake with chunks of chocolate, topped with chocolate ganache, and whipped cream – 8

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie [V]

Served fresh from the oven in a cast-iron skillet, topped with vanilla ice cream and Jameson caramel sauce – 8.5

Bailey’s Bread & Butter Pudding[V]

Bailey’s poached golden raisins, brioche-vanilla bean custard white chocolate chunks, Bailey’s whipped cream, caramel, sea salt – 7.5
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Kids Menu

Kids Favorites Kids Main Courses Kids Misc.


Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae - 3

Side Choices

Cup of grapes – 2Cup of pear slices – 2Carrots and/or celery, with ranch dressing – 2Cheddar cheese and crackers – 2Mashed potatoes and gravy – 2French fries – 2Garden salad with choice of dressing – 2Small hummus and Pita – 2

Grilled Chicken or Salmon

Grilled to order, served with choice of side – 6/8

Breaded Chicken Tenders

Two chicken tenders, served with choice of side – 6

Mini Chicken Burgers

Two small chicken breast burgers plain with LTO on side, served with choice of side – 6

Mini Burgers

Two small house-ground burgers plain with LTO on side, served with choice of side – 6

Basket of Cod & Chips

Lightly breaded and crispy fried wild-caught Alaskan cod served with choice of side, kale-slaw and our house-made tartar sauce – 6

Hummus & Pita

hummus, cucumber and grilled pita points – 5

Buttered Noodles

Noodles topped with parmesan cheese – 5

Dubliner Mac & Cheese

Classic Macaroni pasta in a creamy Dubliner-cheddar sauce – 6

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Slow-roasted corned-beef brisket, bacon-braised cabbage, whipped potatoes and stone-ground mustard cream – 6
One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Happy Hour Food

$4 Choice $5 Choice $7 Choice $9 Choice

Basket of Cod & Chips

2 pc. Crispy-fried Alaskan cod with chips and mushed minty peas, served with tartar sauce

Dublin Prawns

Fresh shrimp lightly dredged in flour and Parmesan cheese, pan-fried, and served in garlic confit and Harp lager creme; served with a buttered and grilled baguette

Crispy Jumbo Wings

Jameson Whiskey OR Traditional Hot OR Chipotle-Garlic Dry Rub

Reuben Tots

3 tots of corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut in a rye bread crumb crust, served with thousand island dressing

Irish Poutine

Chips (fries) topped with fresh cheese curds, smoked bacon and scallions, smothered in brown gravy

Irish Nachos

House-made potato crisps, Southwest-seasoned shredded pork, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, scallions, olives with fire roasted pico de gallo and topped with a sour cream drizzle

Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic rasher and smoked bacon jam, white-wine bloomed golden raisins, toasted hazelnuts, and pecorino cheese

Loaded Potato Skins

Crispy fried potato skins, minced Irish bacon, cheddar cheese, scallions, and roasted garlic & horseradish sour cream

Hot Nuts [V/DF/GF]

Mediterranean Trio [V]

Hummus, peperonata and tyroslata, served with cucumbers, kalamata olives and grilled pita points

Classic Caesar

Hearts of romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, garlic-herbed croutons, fresh shredded pecorino

Basket of Chips or Crisps

‘Fries’ served with house-made tartar and curry ketchupadd a cup of curry sauce - 1


Choose one of the following – Beef - Irish Cheddar, whole grain mustard aioliPulled Pork - Whiskey BBQ sauce, crispy onion stringsRoast Beef – Havarti, caramelized onions, horseradish aoili

Scottish Egg

Soft-boiled egg encased in pork sausage and black pudding

“Almost”Wedge Salad

Bibb lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion
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